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There is to be a wonderful party in the “Chorões” Square in Monchique.
The party starts at 8:30 am and is launched with a fireworks display.


The month of June is the month of Popular saints, St. Antonio, St. João and S. Pedro.
This is a good time to celebrate these Saints with  sardine Feasts and Wine tasting.


“Wheat day” was celebrated in antiquity with a walk through the country side where an arrangement of flowers, wheat stalks and olive twigs was created.
This arrangement carried religious and Profane conotations and tradition stated that it should be placed behind the entrance door and should be replaced by a new arrangement every year on Wheat day.
The profane simbolism of the arrangement was as follows: the Wheat stalk simbolised bread, the olive twig, Olive oil and the remaining flowers simbolised happiness.
The religious simbolism, the arrangement should have 5 pieces, there should be poppies, olive twigs, white and yellow flowers and wheat stalks.The poppies simbolised the blood of Christ, the wheat stalks the Body of Christ (Bread), the olive twigs Olive oil and the yellow and white flowers represent Gold and silver.

All these simbolised items would always be available in the householdthroughout the year  if the arrangement was prepared before sun rise and placed behind the door.


Easter is intensly celebrated in Monchique, reflecting the faith of the people of the mountain and interior. During the easter period varios processions are carried out, “Senhor dos Passos”, “de Ramos”, and the daytime easter Sunday procession, the friday procession (Evening). There is also the “Enterro do Senhor” and finally the Saturday “Sabado Aleluia”

During the Sunday procession, the streets where the procession pass the home owners open their windows and hang out their most colourful quilts and throw rose petals all the colours transmit happiness. The local Church is also decorated in flowers and look very colourful.

Source: Municipality of Monchique (CMM)